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  • Garry Bridgwater CMIOSH, AIEMA Northern Regional HS & E Advisor Cable & Wireless Worldwide

    I was recently asked by a colleague to recommend an organisation to assist with engineering activities in India, without hesitation I offered Zoom Technologies to complete the task.

    My journey with Zoom family started approximately 10 years ago and I have never looked back since. As a foreign student looking to gain further education and experience as a networking engineer there was only one place I wanted to obtain the training, that being India. I had completed several courses within the UK all of which were very deliberate, soulless, over-priced. And whilst the facilitators were able to offer advice and guidance, there was always a feeling of being a clinically strict environment.

    Zoom Technologies in contrast was very different, right from the initial online enquiries they made me feel welcome, wanted and accommodating all my needs, including arranging local visa information, hotels & airport transfers all of which for student attending from outside of the country was a great help. As for the training I couldn't have asked for better, the facilitators are the best within their field all of which have many years of practical working experience with large global organisations. The labs were excellent well laid out and plenty of opportunity to apply theoretical learning with the physical application, which is a significant boost incorporating top of the range equipment. Whenever I was unsure on any aspect of the instruction, the facilitators where more than accommodating with extra tuition in order ensure I fully understood.

    My time with Zoom family helped me obtain my Cisco (CCNP) & Microsoft (MCSE) accreditations which was hard work, but very well worth it. Not only did Zoom Technologies assist me to obtain accreditations, but also helped get an initial engineering position and to this day I am very grateful, I am now working for a global telecommunications company as a regional manager covering Asia. I regard all at Zoom Technologies as true friends and regularly keep in touch and will remain doing so.

    Would I recommend Zoom Technologies? most definitely, a superb and professional organisation without doubt.

  • M. Venkat, IT Analyst, TCS

    My experience with Zoom was really great..unforgettable.It has shaped my career and even my life in many ways. It has brought out untapped potential in me. Zoom is undoubtedly the best place to launch your career.

  • Goutham Kondapavuluru, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems

    Zoom has taught me all the nuances of networking and helped me build my career. I can proudly say that Zoom must be credited for what I have achieved today. What I learned in zoom has laid a strong foundation for my career.

  • Supraja Keerthipati, Assistant Consultant, TCS

    I am very happy to say that the training offered in Zoom Technologies added great value to improve my technical skills. During the training period, I found that faculties have expertise in domain knowledge and shared their real-time experiences with live examples which helped me get hands-on experience. Zookm has state-of-the-art lab facilities. And my training with Zoom is what helped me to get opportunity to work in one of the IT giants in India: Tata Consultancy Services.

  • Lalitha, Associate Software Engineer, CSC

    After my B.tech, I needed a certification and my friends suggested that there's no better place than Zoom. I like the way they train here and also enjoy the practical sessions. Real-time experience which is most crucial for this course is what gives us an edge over other networking professionals.

  • Rajesh Kumar, HSBC, Customer Service Executive

    Considering the growing demand for network professionals, I decided to switch to the IT industry and my friends suggested Zoom technologies. I came here to add value to my profile and also get my doubts cleared by the industry experts. Faculty members are very approachable which is a big advantage for us.

  • Naveen Kumar, Technician Broadcasting, ABN News

    I wanted to change my field as there are better opportunities for IT professionals. This will give me a working knowledge of Routers which will help me to further my career. Zoom has experienced faculty working on real-time projects which works to our advantage to learn from such professionals.

  • Pratap Chandra Sahu, Senior Linux Administrator, Grid labs

    I am already an administrator, but want to upgrade myself and keep myself updated. Coming here, I learnt a lot on the subject that I never knew before. I wasn't clear on some aspects of administration. The faculty here enriched my knowledge and helped me learn more. I had done a course in 1995-96 from Zoom itself and know there are subject matter experts and I can trust the quality of education here.

  • Raju, Network Administration, Halcyon

    I do no possess any certificate. Hence, I thought instead of self-learning, it's better to learn from the industry experts who are involved in live projects. Also, Zoom has been in existence for a long time and so I can trust the place.

  • Ashok, Mastering Lab Supervisor, EA Games

    I have a B'tech degree. However, I want to move into the IT sector considering its popularity and demand. My colleagues also trained from Zoom and suggested that I do the same. I am fresher in the field, yet the faculty made learning the new subject easy for me.

  • Vijay Kumar, Mastering Lab Technician, EA Games

    My present line of work requires at least a partial knowledge of networking. I want to be a system administrator and want sound technical knowledge. I am already working in the same field, however, I want to be an expert at it. Am sure getting trained at Zoom will give me a lot of insight into the practical aspects of the subject considering it's a live environment here.

  • Pramod, Wipro Infotech, Genpact Site, IT Help Desk Engineer

    I am currently working on application issues, but want to completely move into the IT sector. I came here for career upgradation. Once I am an expert, I know my growth will be manifold and my opportunities will be aplenty. And industry hires only experts with sound knowledge and my friends said this is where I had to gain knowledge if I had to be a thorough professional.

  • Vijay Amritraj, Analyst, March

    I have donw my B.tech and want to be a network administrator. Hence I decided to train myself in Zoom which is a reputed learning centre. My colleagues and friends too insisted that I do my course here if I wanted quality knowledge. The bets thing about Zoom is the supportive faculty and their disciplined approach towards teaching and time management.

  • S.K. Masthanvali, Customer Service, Cell Transfer

    Eventhough I finished my B.tech course I wasn't very successful in passing job interviews. Then I decided why not join an institute that thoroughly teaches me every aspect of the subject. Zoom was the perfect choice for not just best training but also for the best price.

  • Obilord, Nigeria

    Zoom technologies is good at imparting not just theoretical information but also practical knowledge. I heard about this institute from a friend in my country. When I came here, I found the faculty here are supportive and readily teach you even the fundamentals. This is the best learning place in Hyderabad, where they adopt an in-depth, focused approach to teaching.

  • Nwala Uchena, Nigeria

    I did my CCNA course in Chennai and came here for CCIE. My friends recommended this place. I checked the company website, asked questions and discovered this was a good choice. I find a lot of difference between the teaching methods here and Chennai. Even after completing the CCNA from Chennai, I could not comfortably configure a router. However, the knowledge I gained here made me a subject matter expert. Now, I am confident of doing it independently once I am back home. When you learn from the best, you know you are going to do well. I also appreciate Zoom for the kind of quality education they are offering at such an affordable price.

  • Boma Guillianfru, Cameroon

    My friends who did their course from here told me this was the place where training is at its best. The knowledge transfer as in the faculty's teaching methods are good. Concepts are well explained and lab facility is one of the best.

  • Ahmed, Bahrain

    I have done all my courses from Zoom technologies. Zoom is the best learning institution considering the kind of equipment they have in the laboratories. The academy has a strict time schedule and stick to it. Also, there are more faculty members here who are always available to guide you. And it's good to get trained under people who are true networking professionals and not just academicians. Hence, learning from the industry experts in a live environment gives you confidence. Nowhere can I find such an institute. Hence, I have decided to get into ethical hacking course after completing CCIE.

  • Mahmood, Yemen

    It was my friends who suggested Zoom technologies. Well organized schedule, timings flexible, well-equipped labs, experienced faculty and courses are offered at a competitive price. What more can one ask for? I recommend Zoom technologies to every aspiring networking professional who wish to learn the really way in the most professional set up.

  • Sanaullah, Afghanistan

    Zoom technologies is a great institution offering professional courses at an affordable price. The best part is they have maintained a uniform price for both Indian and foreign students. Zoom is very organized. One of the commendable features is faculty feedback. Zoom technologies offers everything a student requires. I have visited the websites of other training institutes. However, the infrastructure and faculty's approach to training is the best. I want a branch of this institution in my country as well, so my friends back home too can get the benefits.

  • Pupah Leslie, Cameroon

    I did my MCITP course from here and came back to learn LInux. I have discovered that the faculty here has the most in-depth knowledge about the subject. They have a thorough understanding of what they teach. Their pronunciation too is comprehensible. We have networking professionals back home who were trained at Zoom technologies and I can see that they are the best. I want to learn some more advanced courses here.

  • Abdul Rahman, Yemen

    When I decided on pursuing a career in networking, my friends back home insisted that I get trained under true professionals at Zoom technologies. It's a different experience to get guidance from people who are working in the field. Working in a live environment with real equipments gives you hands on experience and feel of the real world.

  • Mohsin, Yemen

    I did a course in Pune, but there was no practical exposure. Lectures are not convincing. The way they teach here makes even the dumbest person understand. There are 3-4 faculty members in the laboratory to guide you. I am also planning to get my brother here so he becomes a thorough professional. I can now confidently say that I learned more at Zoom technologies than in my engineering course at college.

  • Abdul Magid, England

    When I decided to switch from software to Networking, I took a feedback from other foreign institutes on the best place to learn. I discovered that zoom technologies was a natural choice for most students considering their expertise in the field. I have seen other institutes, but the knowledge transfer is very different here. Real-time experience, trouble shooting is incomparable to anywhere else. The faculty tell you what the market is which is reality. They teach us the industry endorsed curriculum which helps when you start working. Zoom is the most professional training centre with the best laboratory and most experienced faculty.

  • Tashi Norbu, Tibet

    I always wanted a reliable institution. after a lot of investigation and feedback from friends, I discovered the syllabi here is industry endorsed. Course fee too is affordable especially for non-working students. Zoom technologies has the best faculty. There amount of knowledge we get here far exceeds the fees we pay. The faculty-student rapport is great.

  • Swadeddin, Syria

    At Zoom technologies, not just the faculty every staff member is supportive. The best thing is they are open to ideas and suggestions from students. I have seen other institutes, but feel this is the best. I enjoy theory classes the most because of the way lectures are delivered. I feel we are getting more than what we expected here. The teaching methodology too is commendable.

  • Mohamoud, East Africa

    Zoom is synonymous with quality be it teaching or facilities. They have the best. The faculty members are very approachable. Before taking up the course, I visited several institutes, read brochures, reviews on websites, spoke to my friends. But once I visited this place, I realized this would be the right choice for learning.

  • Hassan, Ethiopia

    The best thing about Zoom technologies is the well-equipped labs. Also, there are at least two faculty members at any point in time available in the lab to guide us. Another remarkable thing is their timing. Zoom follows a disciplined approach and stick to the time schedule, which shows they are serious about what they do. Even the faculty here are punctual. They emphasize on practical knowledge which is crucial for this course. Nothing like getting trained by experienced professionals.

  • Ahmed, Ethiopia

    A majority of my friends said Zoom is the best place in Hyderabad for training in networking. We get 100 per cent knowledge. A distinguishing thing about getting trained here is that once you complete the course here, there's no need to go anywhere else to learn anything more. It's complete. You can be sure of a good career learning from here. Lab facilities are the best and so are the faculty members who are always around to assist you.

  • Abuobida Eltaher, Sudan

    My friends back home said Zoom was the best institute to learn networking. Friends who have done their training here have good jobs in Sudan. The best thing is about this place is that lectures are comprehensible and lab facility is the best.

  • Taha Elsheikh, Sudan

    Zoom has got a great reputation in Sudan and my friends keep raving about the institute. The faculty here are qualified engineers; lab has the best equipments needed to pass the certification exam.

  • Ali Mohammad Ali, Sudan

    When I decided to do a course, I did not even have to try too hard as I had many people telling me Zoom was THE place to get certified. Help is always available here and hospitality at Zoom is great, you feel comfortable learning here. And of course, the course is offered at a very economical price.

  • Ahmed Abdul Aziz, Sudan

    All my friends who trained here are well settled with good jobs in Dubai and Qatar. I would also like to achieve that. And coming here, I realized no place can be better than this.

  • Talaat, Sudan

    Zoom has a good reputation. All my friends got trained here and are doing well. Infrastructure is excellent and experienced faculty members are always around to guide you.

  • Yemi, Nigeria

    This place was recommended by many in my country. Yet, I came here and personally checked this place and liked it. They are very organized here at Zoom and everything a student needs is there. Communication skills of trainers are good which is an essential pre-requisite for teaching. If the communication isn't good, then it becomes very challenging for students to learn.

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