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Ready-made tools to hack ATMs now trending on dark web

Ready-made tools to hack ATMs now trending on dark web

It would take even an amateur barely 15 minutes to hack an ATM machine nowadays, given the plethora of advanced tools and devices available on the dark web to do the same.

Earlier, it would require a professional hacker to know at least the basics of such tools to be able to pull off an ATM heist. But, now, a startup called CloudSEK has discovered that dark web sellers are offering ready-made tools such as malware cards and USB ATM malware card, which are really easy to use.

Commenting on this, Rakesh Krishnan, a security researcher at CloudSEK, said: “Earlier, these were slightly complicated; now with these devices, anybody can control such machines. Krishnan learnt about the state-of-the-art hacking tools after he guised himself as a buyer of hacking tools to learn about the latest devices available, reported The Economic Times.

One such seller offered him a complete package rife with an ATM malware card, a PIN descriptor, a trigger card, and even an instruction guide. When installed, this would automatically read all card details and money can then be withdrawn from the victim’s account using the trigger card. The seller also offered Krishnan other ATM hacking devices such as EMV skimmer, GSM receiver, ATM skimmer, Deep insert, etc.

ATM machines can also be hacked by infecting them with a Malware-hosted USB drive. Moreover, ATM hacking tutorials are also available on the dark web for a mere $100. Krishnan added: “ATM machines over the world are built in similar ways using similar software, so these malwares sell easily.”

Also, these malwares usually target systems that work on Windows XP. Besides, one need not be in physical contact with the ATM machines to hack them. The malware Ploutus-D is one such tool that helps anyone control hardware devices to dispense cash from an ATM machine in no time.

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